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How can your prices be that much lower?


 Jeff is part of a 1500 member hearing aid dispenser co-op that gives us the very lowest wholesale price. He, in turn, passes those savings on to you!

Every week we meet patients who need and want to hear better but can't afford the high cost of hearing aids. You will be getting all of the top brands in hearing aid technology at drastically more affordable pricing. We have 18 month interest free financing.



“I became aware of Hear the Birds and Jeff Bayliff through an advertisement I'd seen in the (I believe) Web Weekly over a year ago. Having struggled with my hearing for the past few years and having purchased some magazine advertised "hearing aids" that were poor to say the least; I realized it was time to step-up and really do something about it. Thankfully I was led to see Jeff. From the start he took the time to examine and to explain my hearing loss and then to make recommendations regarding available hearing aids. Never once did I feel pressured to purchase anything and Jeff's honesty was evident. The aids I decided on and that Jeff fully explained, tuned and fitted have truly been a life changer for me. I can hear my wife (most of the time☺), carry on conversation, hear what's being said in meetings, and most of all I can "hear the birds". It's been almost a year now and the aids are continuing to work great. I would highly recommend Jeff and will be a repeat customer when that becomes necessary. ”

Tom P.
Lock Haven, PA

“Going to the Bayliff Hearing Services was an unbelievably positive experience. I have worn hearing aids for over 45 years, so I am in a good position to evaluate service and pricing. Finally, I found someone who is the consummate professional who blends expertise with compassion and a very reasonable price. I trust him completely and am very pleased with my new aids. His service is unmatched!”

Bea H.



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I will treat every patient like 

my own mom and dad


Marvin and Donna Jean Bayliff of Lima, Ohio

Celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary. 

January 22nd, 2019.

(Note: This is their favorite picture taken on their 50th)

Dad went home to be with the Lord 

at age 91 on June 5th, 2019

Mom, at age 88, followed him to heaven on February 16th, 2022