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"I would get ten feet from the nurses station and I couldn't clearly  hear what the doctors and staff were saying...I knew I had do something.  The process and the products are wonderful. My hearing aid is almost invisible and I can hear a pin drop."

Jeffrey L. Bayliff
Master Hearing Care

"I was missing important things in meetings with staff. When I misunderstood a client, I scheduled an appointment. I wear two very discreet hearing aids and am at my best again."

Hear better at church...
"We were both struggling to hear our pastor at church.  He is an excellent speaker and his sermons make the Bible come alive, but it sounded like he was mumbling.  The lower prices made it possible for my husband and me to both get a pair...something we could have never done elsewhere."

"My high frequency loss was causing me to miss notes my music students were playing. I chose wireless technology hearing aids. I am amazed at the clarity and rejoice at the restoration of my hearing!"

"My wife always teased me that I just had selective hearing!  If I was looking at her I could read her lips and figure out what she was saying. My test revealed I really needed hearing aids.  I may not always respond to everything Helen says, but at least I am hearing what she says."

I loved singing in my church choir, but I was struggling to hear those singing around me. I had tried a pair of completely in the canal aids, but then I could only hear my own voice when we sang due to something called occlusion. I was thankful to find open technology instruments. I am in tune and on time with my choir again!"

"Nothing is more important than hearing the voices of those I love...their words are precious jewels."

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