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Dr. James J. Dolan, M.D.
about Jeff Bayliff...

I asked Jeff Bayliff if I could endorse him in an ad because I have worn hearing aids for twenty years and he is without question the very best hearing aid professional I have ever met. Scientifically, Jeff is very capable, and personally, he is pleasant and very easy to deal with in all matters related to my hearing. I can now hear the turkeys and the ducks!   Seeing Jeff Bayliff for hearing aids related to experience, price, and professionalism is worth the drive from Clinton, Lycoming and Centre county or anywhere you may be reading this ad. Call Jeff for all your hearing aid needs!


Dr. James J. Dolan, MD


Mid-State Occupational Health

Williamsport, PA


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Well worth the drive from Williamsport or State College.

In home appointments are available for the disabled.

Jeffrey L. Bayliff is a Pennsylvania and Virginia state licensed hearing instrument specialist. Jeff is also National Board Certified in the Hearing Instrument Sciences and was designated a Master Hearing Practitioner by GNResound the maker of Beltone hearing aids.

Jeff is available by appointment. Unlike many hearing aid companies that try to test as many people as possible, Jeff is ready to help patients who are very serious about hearing better.   Jeff has the competence and experience to help you hear better. He is priced at half the average regional cost and is part of an independent network to make the very best technology in digital hearing aids available at affordable pricing. 


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Jeff is an approved provider
for the
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The average cost for hearing aids in the USA is $5,200 a pair
-Consumer Reports

                     The average regional price per pair in Central Pennsylvania.
                      Essential                    Advanced                      Premium

 $3,990                          $6,200                           $8,200

 MY price per pair.

$2,950                        $3,950                           $4,950

How can your prices be that much lower?
 Jeff is part of a 1500 member hearing aid dispenser co-op that gives us the very lowest wholesale price. He, in turn, passes those savings on to you!

Every week we meet patients who need and want to hear better but can't afford the high cost of hearing aids. You will be getting all of the top brands in hearing aid technology at drastically more affordable pricing. We have 18 month interest free financing.
"I couldn't hear basic household noises anymore. The years I worked at the factory took its toll on my hearing. I wasn't sure I heard the smoke alarm and struggled to hear the voice of my wife, children, and grandchildren.  I could hear them talking but it sounded muffled...like they were mumbling.  I am so glad I got hearing aids...Jeff, I should have done this years ago!"
We were Jeff's patients in Virginia...

We are sisters! We are each in our 90's! We always came together for our check-ups with Jeff in Woodstock, Virginia. He called us the "Three Musketeers!" Bet you can't guess who is the oldest. Jeff took good care of us and some of our kids...who are in their 70's!"
Jeff's promise to you....

I will treat every patient like 
my own mom and dad

Marvin and Donna Jean Bayliff of Lima, Ohio
Celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary. 
January 22nd, 2019.
(Note: This is their favorite picture taken on their 50th)
Dad went home to be with the Lord 
at age 91 on June 5th, 2019
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Jeffrey L. Bayliff, NBC-HIS
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